As a charge point operator and/or owner with a white-labelled Go app, you’ll be able to access a range of app user details within the Connect Portal:    

Click App Users in the menu on the left to see a list of all existing app users.   

Search for a specific user by entering any known details ( name, email, etc.) in the Search User field.   

Click on the app user to see their details. 

Available app user information 

  • Information dashboard – including their name, email, phone number, customer ID and date of account creation. 
  • Sites – whether or not the user has a home charger. 
  • Charging Keys – the user’s physical or virtual charging keys. 
  • Credit Cards – the user’s credit card(s) used in the app. 
  • Vouchers – any vouchers connected to the user’s account. 
  • Charge Records – charging sessions made by the user, including time, duration, kWh consumed, price, site, and more.