Spirii Business

Grow your Charge Point Business by onboarding new business and private customers

Customer Management

Full overview and management of private and business customers

Add, edit, and terminate customers

Order Management

Overview of all incoming orders

Manage and fulfil orders

System-wide search functionality to find customers, locations, and orders

Export orders based on status

Take orders in multiple currencies and VAT rates

Customer Onboarding Management

Create white-label onboarding flows for private and business customers

Setup onboarding flows supporting fleet, company car, and other use cases

Setup onboarding flows in multiple languages

Communication Management

Setup and customise automated order confirmation emails

Setup and customise automated order fulfilled emails

Setup and customise automated installation notice emails for Installation Partners

Setup and customise automated failed payment emails (requires Spirii payment agreement)

Agreement Management

Setup business agreement for private and business customers

Define custom invoicing relations per onboarding flow

Set CPO and reseller revenue cuts for business agreements

Installation Management

Define installation partners for specific zip code ranges

Customise emails to installations partners when receiving orders

Subscription Management

Subscriber overview with activity status (requires Spirii payment agreement)

Setup monthly billing with credit card (requires Spirii payment agreement)

Automated follow up emails on missing payments (requires Spirii payment agreement)

Reseller Management

Setup and enable access to new resellers

API Integrations

Building and managing your own web-shops and onboarding flows

Extensive API Integrations

Own domain usage

Customised design


Spirii Connect

Operate your Charge Point Network

Data Insights

View consumption data

View the revenue and the CO2

View # of charging sessions

View average duration for charging sessions

View most used locations

View the # of active users

View Charge Per Day and Hour statistics

View live charger status


Charge Point Management

Setup and administrate Charge Points

Activate, link, and manage Charge Boxes to Charge Points

Define public availability on Charge Points

Define public opening hours on charge points

Investigate, troubleshoot, and fix Charge Box issues

Create internal notes on Charge Points for troubleshooting purposes

Remote start and stop charging sessions

App Users (requires standalone app)

Overview of all app users and usage in the network

Create and manage users

Charge Record Management

Overview of all charge records

See details and consumption graphs for each charge record

Export charge record data

Tariff Management

Setup pricing and map to one or more Charge Points

Setup fixed price per kWh

Setup dynamic price per kWh (Follows energy market data and updates on an hourly basis)

Setup roaming price for every location

Charge Key Management

Manage and assign virtual and physical charge keys


Setup vouchers to give discount based on fixed or dynamic pricing (Can be limited to one or more locations. Activated through the EV driver app (Spirii Go))

Team Management

Add team members

Restrict team member access

Charge Point Monitoring

Overview of faulty charge points

Uptime metric

Get email notifications for faulty or offline chargers

Setup Service Level Agreements


Setup your brand logo


Spirii Go (EV driver app)

Provide access to your Charge Point Network

Identity and Access Management

Account creation and login

Charge Point Identification (public)

Map view


Favourite chargers

Smart filtering

Navigation (through Google and Apple maps)

Transparent charging information (charge point operators, open hours, plug type, charging speed, availability, etc.)

Charge Point Management (home)

Smart charging sessions (scheduling)

Public sharing

Price and CO2 data overview

Charging data

Charge statistics

Charging history


Multiple payment methods with a possibility of choosing a default method

Roaming capabilities

Charge Key Management

Voucher support


Push notification center

In-app notifications