Make sure that the customer has connected the cable securely in both the vehicle and the chargebox. 

If the charge box LED turns red upon connecting, the cable is not properly connected. 


What color is the LED during the initiating process? If it turns green, the cable is connected correctly. 

If the color is yellow/orange, it means that the charge box is awaiting authorization; that the customer either swipes an RFID card, or starts the charge through the app. The authorization requirement can be disabled through the app. 


When authorizing, the LED should change to green (= accepted), and then proceed to purple (= charging). If the LED turns red, the authorization request was denied:

1. Make sure that the RFID chip that the customer uses is known, supported and active

2. Make sure that the customer has added a payment method in the app


If the authorization is succesfull, but the charger LED turns green instead of purple, it means that a scheduled charge has been set in the app. Disabling it in the app starts the charge immediately - otherwise the charge will begin at the scheduled time.