Adding new users

If you want to invite either your colleagues or your customers to Spirii Connect, you can do so via the Team Access function.

When logged in, locate the Team Access function it in the top-right corner menu.

Click on the Add new user button above the list to the right, and fill out the form.

Make sure to define a specific Customer if you want to grant the user access exclusively to this Customer’s data.

The user will receive an email prompting him/her to set a password and login to the system.

(add new user)

The roles below have feature-access at the following levels: 

  • System Admin: Full access to everything, including organisation settings
  • Operator: Full access to main functions including advanced charge-box control
  • Editor: Access to main functions, excluding advanced charge-box control
  • Supporter: Access to main customer support functions
  • Viewer: Can view and analyze data, but cannot edit anything 
  • Installer: Can register and set up charge boxes only