Voucher Groups - fixed and dynamic

In some cases, you may want to provide a discount to users who utilize certain charging locations the most, like employees of a company or residents of a housing unit or building.

Vouchers in Spirii Connect can be used in different ways:

  1. Most commonly, vouchers are offered as a simple discount code for selected end-users.
  2. Vouchers can also be used to eliminate the cost of charging as a tool for Fleet management, so that a pool of users can charge for free.


When a user has an active voucher attached in the Spirii Go app, the user will pay the discounted rate at all locations associated with that voucher.

This means that the discounted tariff will replace the standard tariff for that location.


All vouchers in Spirii Connect are controlled by a Voucher Group, which determines the customer, price, and locations for the associated voucher codes.


Complete the following steps to create vouchers, which are always bundled into groups:

  1. Press Vouchers in the menu on the left side
  2. Click Add New Group in the top right corner
  3. Define the Customer, if you are creating the group on behalf of a customer
  4. Give the group a fitting Name
  5. Give the group a note (optional for internal use)
  6. Decide whether you want a Fixed or Dynamic (spot price based) price
    1. Fixed:
      1. Choose Currency
      2. Select Price per kWh. The end-user will always be charged this price.
    2. Dynamic:
      1. Choose Currency
      2. Set your Markup (your revenue and costs you always want to add on top of the raw spot price). You can choose either a percentage add on or a fixed amount - or both. In case of both, the percentage will be calculated first.
      3. Choose your Minimum price. This is the price (incl. VAT) your end-user will always pay, even if the spot price goes below this amount. It will also be used as fallback price in case the hourly price data for some reason was not available.
      4. You can see a graph and a price example to your right for visualization of how the tariff will be calculated. Select your country and electricity zone to see a forecast of the next 24 hours data (see map here).
  7. Click Create
  8. Navigate to the Locations tab
  9. Search for, and bind the locations which the vouchers should be active at

  10. You can now add or generate voucher codes (next section below)

Adding or generating voucher codes

On your voucher group:

  1. Navigate to the Voucher tab
  2. If you are only adding 1 or a few codes:
    1. Click Add New Voucher
    2. Define the code - this is the code that your users will input in the app
    3. Set max users, if you want to limit how many users can apply the code
    4. Set expired at, if you want to create a time-limited promotion
  3. If you are adding multiple codes, you can autogenerate them:
    1. Click Generate New Vouchers
    2. Set max users, if you want to limit how many users can apply the code
    3. Set expired at, if you want to create a time-limited promotion
    4. Define a prefix for the codes (e.g. “employee” will give codes like “employee_1, employee_2” etc.)
    5. Define the name and email where the codes should be sent to
    6. Select how many codes should be generated

Now your users can start using the voucher codes in the Spirii Go app.

When active, the user will be able to charge at a discounted price at your locations.