Charging for charging: what’s the best way to do it? Setting a fixed price per kWh is a solid option when electricity rates are steady, static, and predictable. But in a volatile market – where prices rise and fall at the drop of a hat – EV charging station operators need to be able to adjust their pricing quickly to stay competitive, fair, and profitable.

Enter: Dynamic Pricing from Spirii. With Dynamic Pricing, operators can choose to switch from a fixed rate to adjustable pricing based on real-time market fluctuations – with a bespoke profit margin that works for them and their EV-owner customers alike.

The best bit? Dynamic Pricing is mutually beneficial. When prices spike you’ll avoid running at a loss, but when prices dip? Customers pay a fairer amount per kWh than they would on a static, fixed tariff. And, whatever the market cost, your designated premium will ensure you’re always staying a step ahead.

Dynamic Pricing benefits:

  • Set prices according to actual electricity rates
  • Control your revenue with a bespoke profit margin
  • Establish a minimum price for your charging points to avoid operating losses
  • Fair and transparent pricing for customers
  • EV owners can choose to charge when prices are low

To learn how to set up the Dynamic Pricing - please click here.

Dynamic Vouchers: give discounted price for a selected user group

Dynamic Vouchers - new feature in Spirii Connect, which allow you to offer real-time electricity pricing with a smaller markup for specific users. This is a great way to navigate volatile electricity prices - and ensure a stable revenue on charging - while still being able to offer a discounted price to select EV owners. 

It works in exactly the same way as setting up Dynamic Tariffs, except here your vouchers will override the standard Dynamic Tariff at your chosen locations (in case the user has the voucher activated in Spirii Go app). To learn how to set up the Dynamic Vouchers - please click here.