Before you can activate your charge point, you need to first define its Location.

The Location functions as the container for all information about the venue of the charge boxes, including map points, prices, activations, history, etc.


Locations are not created directly in Spirii Connect, but are created via the Business Portal or an Onboarding Flow, which activates an integration to Connect. See Learn how the Spirii platform works for more info on this.

Once your Location is created, you will be able to find it in Connect, marked with a yellow circle to denote its status as pending.


You (or your Installer) should now edit the Location, and enter:

  • Fuse Capacity
    • If the installation is based on more than one circuit, then set “Fuse Capacity” as the main fuse for the entire installation.
  • Ground Resistance
  • Location Type
    • Private installation → Residential
    • Business installation → Parking lot
    • Public installation → Public road
  • Tariff

Go the Location, and then click Edit on the top-right corner.



When you save the Location after an edit, the coordinates for the map will be automatically calculated based on the address.

Not happy about the pin’s location? Feel free to edit again, and drag the pin to the exact spot your charger(s) will be installed.

Now you’re ready to activate your charge box at the Location.