Dashboard overview

The first page you will encounter in Spirii Connect is the Dashboard.

This contains a multitude of the most important graphs and metrics for you to get an overview of the health and growth of your charging business.

Detailed explanation of each graph

In doubt what each metric means? Let’s walk through them:

Transaction Revenue

This number covers the aggregated value of all total prices for your charge sessions within the given timeframe and locations.


This might deviate from what you receive in your final invoice from Spirii as the number does not account for the various business agreements you have with Spirii or your operator

CO2 Saved

The CO2 saved number is an estimate based on some assumptions on how much a comparable average petrol car emits.

The CO2 emitted number, however, is an exact amount provided by our partner, EcoMovement who has calculated the CO2 cost of each charging session. They have based this on how much of the electricity was generated through sustainable sources.

Live Charger Status

This is a live status at all times of how many connectors you have, and how many of them are either offline, charging, available or idle.

Idle means that the charger is connected by not charging anymore.

Note that a charge box can have multiple connectors.

As this is a live view, these numbers will not be impacted if you select a different timeframe via the filters


The map provides an overview of all chargers in your network.


This provides a detailed breakdown of the aggregated charge sessions within the selected timeframe and locations.

  • Active Users counts the amount of unique users who have charged. However, some will not be identified as unique users, for example roaming users.
  • Charging Sessions is the total number of charge records
  • Consumed (MWh) is the total amount of electricity consumed on these charge records
  • Avg. consumption is the average amount of electricity consumed per session per day
  • Avg. duration is the average amount of time the charger has been connected (charging + idle) per session

Charging Heatmap

This gives a quick overview of which days and times of the week that the chargers are the most busy.

Note that a session is counted by the end-time. So if the session started a 9:00 and ended at 13:00, it will count towards the 12-14 block.

Charger Occupancy

Currently, this shows the live occupancy rate of all your chargers (how many chargers are currently in charging or idle status).

We want to move this towards being a historical percentage in the near future

Most Used Locations

This provides a sorted list of the most used locations based on some different parameters, like which have had the most amount of sessions, most amount of consumed electricity, or highest occupancy rate percentage

Location Types

Finally, this provides you with a quick overview of the split of your portfolio across private installations, business (fleet) solutions, and public charge points.